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On a whim I decided to throw a set of flat wounds on the old geetar
Thing is the gosh darned G string is way out of tune although the tuner said it was good - the open chords did sound fine.
That A chord w the root on the 12th fret A string and its octave - the octave note was sour.
I didnt notice but the D / G / B / in the set were lighter gauge than my previous set

Of course I did this before practice .......

Any thoughts or comments ?

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Dozin wrote:Use a regular G string.
What are you doing for your guitars string-wise ?
I like the idea of flat wounds to help set me apart from the Jerry
Im fumbling around on them now ...
lbpesq wrote:Have you re-adjusted the intonation after putting on the flatwounds?

Bill, tgo

Thanks Bill
Im gonna try that reg G string for the heck of it but the intonation was what I was thinking also
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Weir uses a plain G string
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:lol: Rukind is a great place. However, I think most members use the Facebook forum now.
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