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Hey guys...wondering what Bobby was using during the late 70 for his effects? I do not need to recreate his rig of that era, just want to know what he was using and in what order he was using them. Any help is greatly appreciated...I am using this vid of Rob Eaton as a tonal reference. For the most part I like to play with a 72-74 Bob Weir tone.
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Honestly, install the Cowboy pickups in a guitar. Use the middle single coil and the bridge pickup in single coil mode and that’s what Eaton is doing in that clip. You’ll be in the ballpark.
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UE700 is amazing an no more difficult than a UE400 or 405 to manage. Have owned all 3.

My point was his order of effects. AF9 then the UE700. Found the manual for the UE700, thanks MK!

Phase = PT707
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