#166101  by brbadg
This is what happens when you get too damned carried away with your need to find new tones.
There is some kind of flange,vibrato pedal thing on his acoustic,and folks it wasn't working here.
Susan is such a damn nice person and I can't believe he subjected her to this.
I really want to write to him about this.I'll cool off in a few days,I suppose. :shock:


 #166102  by czyfingers
Agreed. It was really hard to watch. In fact I didn't watch it all...had to turn it off when it just wasn't showing any signs of improvement. Susan definitely didn't sign up for that. I feel like she deserves an apology on behalf of Deadheads.
 #166105  by DHM
I saw Bob Weir a while back when he filled in for David Nelson for some shows in Girdwood, Alaska...he opened the second set with a solo acoustic country blues number...the title escapes me...and he was fantastic... there's no doubt he really knows his way around a flat top...so yeah...he was having an off night when the videos were recorded...…

I guess it happens to us all...
 #166106  by brbadg
I didn't think it was an off night.it was that damn pedal he was using.Probably found a setting on the Eventide.
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 #166107  by PaulJay
When I watched the live stream preview on you tube I read the comments. So many arm chair generals accused Bob of playing out of tune and not be good enough to charge people to see him anymore.
Not one of them realized he was trying out a new effect that he probably does not use a lot. I replied to them saying it was a pitch shifter effect. And they laughed at me. It might not of sounded that great, but to say Bobby would play out of tune for an hour or can’t play
the guitar anymorei is totally ridiculous. If people still want to pay to see him still, he is not Gonesville yet.
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 #166127  by adkroot
I agree that the pedal or whatever effect he was using wasn't working out too well at all. Was a little perplexed that throughout the acoustic set he played with Susan he never gave her the lead. His acoustic sounds to my dreadnought +high-action saturated ears like the action is woefully low- lots of buzzing.