#165982  by perljam
I saw the Grateful Dead Meet Up movie last night - it was a show from June 1991 at Giants Stadium. It was really great, and noticed a few interesting things about Bobby's rig. He used the black Casio guitar with the graphite neck the entire time.

He had both Ibanez AF-9 Auto Filter and Boss Dynamic Filter pedals side by side on top of his rack. I assume he was trying them out to determine which he liked more, because they both do generally the same thing. Unless he was running the boss into the AF-9, but I can't imagine that would sound good! He didn't seem them during the show, but it's hard to tell.

The other thing I found interesting was that he had a Marshall head on the floor behind him, to the right of his rack. He adjusted the knobs a few times, so he was using it. There was also a rack-mounted version of a Boogie Mark IV amp at the top of the rack (which was on) so I don't know if it was acting as a slave amp or perhaps powering the guitar synth output. Since it was just on the floor and not integrated, I was wondering if anyone knows what he used it for - I generally don't associate him with Marshall amps.
 #165987  by czyfingers
Good eye! I honestly don't know what he was using the Marshall for, but I noticed also and was curious.
 #165988  by Jblue76
I noticed it too. Surprisingly, at least to me, it kind of makes sense actually when I think about that characteristic 90s Bobby chord inversion that rings out with a metallic- like crunch.
 #165993  by brbadg
I'm joking of course.Bob needs to explore sounds.He doesn't like a plain guitar sound.That was just part of it.
 #166015  by shadowboxer
I often wonder if the Casio guitar is still in existence. Whether you liked the guitar or not, I think he played it as much as any other guitar with the Grateful Dead. It should be on display somewhere.
 #166017  by lbpesq
I believe Bobby played a Casio PG-380. Casio made three very similar synth guitars, the PG-380, PG-310, and PG-300. They are long gone, but used ones aren’t that hard to find. Almost all of them today will need to have the old capacitors replaced. I doubt he actually made much use of the synth function. The tones you can get are pretty cheesy. Otherwise it is a very nice, underrated instrument. I have a nice PG-310 that I’ve had the cap job done on. I’ve thought about throwing a graphite neck on it, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Bill, tgo
 #166021  by jalevinemd
I'm hardly a self-proclaimed expert on the Dead or their gear. But I've loved the look of each of Jerry's exquisite guitars ever since Wolf made its debut. A lot of Bobby's choices for guitars I never understood. This Casio is a perfect example. To each his own, I guess.
 #166088  by pablomago
I just came here to post about the Marshall as I saw the Giant's Stadium film today, as the local boutique theater had more showings since Meet Up at the Movies.

A Marshall head on the Dead's stage is one of the most out of place things I've ever seen. It must have been short lived as I don't remember seeing it when I saw them with Bruce and Vince. It was also Bob's "preppy" era.
 #166093  by brbadg
It's somewhat interesting that people would think a Marshall head would be out of place.
Distortion is not a stranger to Grateful Dead music. Having said that,they have a fantastic clean sound. Is it the label? I mean,Duane Allman used one.