#165516  by boobweir
This summer I'm planning on embarking on an adventure of building a cheaper version of a Cowboy Fancy. Here's the parts:

Ibanez AR325QA
Dimarzio PAF 36th Anniversary (Bridge and Neck)
Dimarzio Area 61
Half bone/half brass nut
Grover "Milk Bottle" tuners

The guitar has the tri-tone switches which makes the bridge and neck pickups either wired in series, parallel, or coil tapped. I will add a third switch that will turn the middle pickup off or on.

After this point I think the guitar will be finished. I'm not gonna do the built in pre-amp or on-board EQ because I don't know how and also I think I can find pedals that will do the same job.

Should I buy new pots and rewire the whole thing myself or is it not that big of a deal? Also, would installing a Wald Buffer benefit me for a Bobby tone or is that strictly a Jerry tone thing?

Is there anything here that I should change or add? Any tips about this process is appreciated. I'm trying to get that 77-79 sound. Sidenote: I will be playing through a Roland JC-77.

Thanks! :-)