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The photos are about the worst you'll ever see of a guitar for sale.

Blurry, blurry, blurry.

In a day and age when everyone has access to cell phone cameras, those are the best pics that can advertise it?

You know we hadn't been back at home two hours
We heard a hawk cry out in the night
And you know that's a signal from young Billy who's our sentry
Saying something here ain't exactly right, oh!

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New photos, and the cool vid, are much better! :lol: :hail:

Those first photos had me wondering if the seller owned the guitar.

Yes, a very good price!

Remember seeing Bobby play that guitar back in the day, back when we were all so much younger. Actually, I remember personally seeing this guitar, his guitar, in its open case, back stage (well, the dressing room) at some venue out on Long Island, NY. Might have been Kingfish. Don't remember the venue, but if I had a NY Times Sunday Arts & Leisure from back then, it would have been listed.

Awesome guitar to see in person, one foot away…

Good luck on your sale.
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Just one last comment…

Saw Kingfish when Weir was playing this guitar, My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY; 11/18/75 (early show, a Tuesday)

Between shows, my friend's father asked if we'd like to meet Bob Weir, and we exited the theatre and he took us to the back. He went in, a few minutes later us teenagers (maybe 4 of us) were waved in and that was when I got to shake Bob Weir's hand. The guitar was on the dressing room counter, in the corner, in its open case. Slinky Regular strings, if I recall correctly, were spares in the case.
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Garage Sale, not Bobby Tone.
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Some sez I am, some sez I ain't.