#162939  by ski_rick
Caught the tour opener in Reno last night, pretty much a clinic in Bob's guitar playing. He's loud and upfront in the mix. His amp is lying on it's back pointing up (Fat Jimmy Combo). Played the sunburst strat and acoustic the entire night except for the Touch of Grey Encore he played a different strat (the D'Angelico was on a stand, but never picked it up).

I was right up front and it was fascinating to watch his fingers and strumming all night.
 #162953  by chirills
Thanks! I'm going 11/1 in Chicago. Sounds like it's going to be a good time.
 #162962  by Pete B.
We are going Monday in Portland!
 #162970  by TI4-1009
Nov. 8 in Syracuse!
 #163253  by 8-6-71 for me
Louisville last night!

During a second set jam Bobby turned on some effects and I can honestly say I have never heard anything like it.

Kinda like a phased, octave, envelope. Maybe a synth of some kind. Pigtronix?

Anybody have any ideas? I'll post a clip whenever I can find that same sound in another show or when my show gets posted on youtube.
 #163277  by pablomago
There are some good videos up on You Tube. One has Buddy Miller, John Oats and others sitting in on a few songs. It's a good lesson on how to play in a trio.

I used to get up front years ago and study Bob's fingerings. He does some amazing stuff that you might not notice unless you're paying close attention.
 #163279  by Gr8fulCadi
I saw them at the Chicago Theatre on 11/1 and I thought it was very cool. For some reason I had the impression going in that it was gonna sound thin/not full being a trio and all,,,,,boy was I wrong.

Not sure how many shows are left in the tank with Bobby, the Dead and other bands of that genre. Im trying hard not to pass up any opportunities to see all the shows I can live, before it’s gone!!