#162781  by handyandy
I have a few questions about out of phase wiring.

I own a D'Angelico Premier Series DC and it has two hum buckers in it. I've been reading a lot of these forums that say to wire the pickups OOF to get closer to Weir tone. I'm gonna be taking it to a tech tomorrow and I'm unsure of what I actually need. I don't know what to tell him and I wanna make sure it's gonna be done right.

Do I tell him to OOF both pickups and wire them in series, parallel? What's the best option for a guitar with two hum buckers?

TLDR; I hand my guitar to a tech, what do I say to do to it in order to get a Bob tone?
 #162784  by Dozin
I’d add a single coil before worrying about out of phase.
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 #162785  by handyandy
The single coil isn’t really a viable option for me right now. Would you say don’t even bother setting them out of phase then?
 #162788  by Dozin
It will be thin sounding.
 #162789  by Dozin
Are you able to split the himbuckers to single coils?
 #162790  by handyandy
Unfortunately no. I suppose I’ll just leave it as is. I’m looking into the Roland JC77. Thinking about getting one tomorrow. That’ll prob get me closer to the sound anyways.
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 #162792  by playingdead
As Dozin says the best thing to do is add the single coil in-between and wire it so you can have all three pickups on at the same time ... instant late 70s Weir. It can be a toggle or using a pot as a blend pot like they do on the 3-humbucker Les Pauls. But you'll have to rout the body.

It's easy to split the humbuckers and the only mod you have to make to the guitar is either a small toggle to go single/hum or you can accomplish the same thing with a pull on the tone pot. I'm not familiar with that guitar but if there are individual tone pots for each pickup, that would be the best, that way you can mix single/hum or single/single with out having to modify the guitar body. I don't think you can really approximate any GD Weir tone with dual humbuckers beyond the early 70s 335 sound or maybe the dirty late 80s/mid 90s with a lot of processing.