#160107  by patdog
I’m trying to decide what speaker cabinet I’m after. My style is a Bob Jerry combo, if that makes sense and I am looking at a pair of k120s right now. I figured I would get 2 1x12 ssp trucker cabs but, I was reading Kimock’s thoughts on a wide tweed style shallower cab, max 10” for d120s and it got me wondering which way to go. Also, 2 1x12s vs a 2x12, what’s the difference?

My amp is a Katana 100 head for now but, wilbe building an SMS/ power tba at one point, hopefully.
 #160131  by tntawney
It depends on where you are going to play. I would do just one K120 or E120 in a single 1x12 if you where just playing in your house or local bar. It should be more then sufficient and would be super portable. If you need to be super loud then 2 k120s in a 2X12 wired in parallel. If you want to peal the paint off the walls then 2 E120s in a 2x12 in parallel. Just make sure you to put the ( 2) 8ohm speakers wired in parallel into the 4ohm jack on your power amp or the ( 2) 16 ohm speakers into 8ohm jack.

Hope that help!

 #160135  by patdog
Makes sense. What about 1x12 cabinet shape for the 120s? Everyone here seems to dig the boxy Trucker style cabs but, the wide tweed has me intrigued. (Waiting for UPS to drop of the new Modulus 😊)
 #162880  by pablomago
I have a cab with two K-120's that was modeled after the '60's Fender Bassman/Bandmaster cabs with a closed back with dampening material in the cab. I was once playing a parking lot gig at a friend's store using a Bandmaster Reverb as the amp. Someone came up to us and said, "I could hear the band a block away, but I could hear the guitar three blocks away."