#159972  by patdog
After a hiatus of several years, I am getting back into playing tunes. I just bought this Modulus GT1...


And am getting a Boss Katana 100 for an intermediate/practice amp until I can save enough for a solid rig. Pretty much sold on the SMS Classic/MC50 or Carvin amp you guys have been raving about. Quick question, with that amp set up would I need a 2X12 or could I get away with a 1X12?

Thanks to all of you here for the great info and advice available. Much appreciated.

Now the hard part, finding Deadheads to jam with in Southern Commiefornia lol
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 #159975  by Searing75
A 1X12 will be more than enough with either the MC50 or the Carvin DCM200L. You’ll love it!