#156730  by tatittle
 Fri May 26, 2017 8:26 pm
So I haven't chased Bobby tones yet but I just came upon something relevant by accident. I had a SD Antiquity strat pup with cold solder joint or something and they graciously recd it for free repair and in turn sent me a replacement brand new. The new pup is the Texas Hot alnico2 instead of the Surf 60 I had though so when I just installed it I found the position 4 out of phase (as I feared would happen bc I knew the polarity was opposite on the other model).

Lo and behold the tone is fantastic; not in position 4 mind you, but when I use my Tele wiring to activate the bridge and neck together. Out of phase but bc the freq response is so different in bridge/neck it is a full sound. Wonderful. Now I gotta figure out how to wire my switch/5 way to include this new find! I'm guessing this is at least 1 way Bobby used the outta phase idea. Very Estimated, Dancin type tones without any pedal necy.

Anybody have a wiring diagram for what I want handy?
Normal Strat 5 way with push pull DPDT switch to add (1) neck/bridge outta phase, and if poss (2) all 3 pups and/or (3) neck/bridge in phase