#142460  by douglasa
Hey guys. I thought I'd post a couple of pics of some of the stuff I've built / amassed over the years. With these rigs, I can any Weir tone from '68-'74. Some of the guitars, I've had for many years. I build cabinets as a part time side line, so, if anybody is interested, you can e-mail me (Doug) at: dnaguitarcabs@yahoo.com
Image I'veImageImage
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 #142465  by mgbills
That's a mighty cool toy box!
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 #142494  by strumminsix
Great stuff, man! Also love that you have in the attic... kinda reminds of ACE studio :)
 #142500  by tatittle
I take it you prefer semi hollow Gibsons? Wowzers. I'm thinking you love the Golden age of America as much as me :)
 #164043  by SellaV93

Loving the WOS style cabinets. I may have to save your email address.....