#128206  by mkaufman
 Sun May 19, 2013 2:23 pm
In the latest Rolling Stone issue, there's a picture of Weir & Garcia sitting in a van from 9/28/75. Clearly seen in that picture is Weir's 2681 with (2) Super 80 pickups.

Super 80's from September, 1975. I find that very interesting as they really didn't appear in Ibanez guitars until 1976, and the Trisound Super 80 pickups didn't appear until late 1977. To me, that's more evidence that Weir played two humbuckers, plus a single coil in his early Ibanez guitars. Based on my experience with these pickups, he must have rolled off the volume pots significantly on the humbuckers to (a) match the single coil and (b) produce his sound. It works.

Whereas for years I was convinced that Weir used all single coil (or split humbucker) pickups in his Ibanez guitars, I have changed my mind. Except for the Cowboy, which is a different story...

btw...can anyone please scan that Rolling Stone picture and upload it? It's a great pic of Bob & Jerry with his Travis Bean.