#126469  by racecar
 Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:25 am
I think revisiting this video makes for good discussion. We all chase gear to get closer to "that tone". I am guilty of this as well. But I do believe, much of it can be attained with proper playing technique to emulate his sound. Whether it be chord voicings or pick attack, I think this video demonstrates technique gets us 85-90% of the way there. The rest is the gear.


I think from watching this video, its safe to say, Bobby can sound like Bobby on just about any equipment thrown at him.

any thoughts?
 #126490  by justahack
 Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:47 pm
You happen to mention this after I had seen the video. I was giving thought to the borrowed instruments and the overall sound at this gig. To me, it sounds like the Grateful Dead but sounding like a band playing on different equipment and therefore generating "different" sound. Not to be mistaken, it sounds like the Grateful Dead playing Grateful Dead music yet slightly different audible results......but I f'n love it! I particularly like on the 16th where Bobby seems to be trying to talk band members into Hully Gully and non one seems to be on the same page yet Bobby just says screw it and launches into it on his own and then the rest of the band falls in line. Great stuff!