#125735  by drdead
 Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:50 pm
I am now delving into the world of the Axe Fx 2 with alot of help from the board here. I know there is a axe fx sticky on the jerry tone but wanted to know what the bob players think. Any other Bob players, using this in their rig. I am pretty much using it as my whole rig. Axe Fx 2-->qsc k12. I have been using the top boost amp(Vox AC 30)through a JBL K110 IR(thanks Vic!) adding comp before it along with phaser. I also have tinkered with double verb (twin) and K110. I agree with the sentiment that it is the playing, bob sounds like bob no matter the gear. I think the ideal Bob sound that I would cop is 73-74( any china >rider from that era tickles me) Any other bob's out there?