#78840  by NeebruM
 Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:05 am
modz wrote:I have switched to 1x12 cabs now. I love my K-120's and carrying one at a time hurts but doesn't kill me. I always say "to sound good I have to carry heavy things and lots of them" . I can set them one on top of each other and direct one to the left a little and other to the right a little. My favorite is spacing them apart for stereo.
I have been trying a lot of cabs with different speakers before sending them out (cool part of my job for sure) and all are against my k-120's. Nothing really compares to the K's in my mind / ears. There are a lot of speakers I love for different sounds. If I like a speaker it doesn't have to be for the Jerry sound at all. If someone straight out asks me how to get the Jerry sound I say K's 1st and D's 2nd. Just my opinion.. I'm not in a Dead band right now, we play 99% originals but there is NO escaping being haunted by Jerry in every aspect of my life so it shapes my tone for sure but doesn't dictate or set limits. We do kick a different Dead tune at every show though.
So I blow a speaker before a gig this weekend and call Sarno (we live about 25 minutes away from each other) and ask him if he has a spare I can mooch. He says "I have an attempt at a JBL clone by Peavey". WTF Brad, is what I was thinking but I had to check it out because I trust Brads opinion and he saved a show. It has an aluminum dome and looks pretty beefy so I stuck it in my HR Deluxe and did the gig with the Peavey Black Widow BW 1201 wired positive to positive then pos to neg on the JBL. The speaker really sounded great. I hate to say it but I like it! I think it found a home in my fender until another K comes along but even then I will continue to use this speaker someplace. Thanks again Brad.
I think there will be some screeching over my Peavey post:) I wanted to hate it but I didn't!
My rig is a HR deluxe (with PEAVEY????? speaker????) I know!!! I hate to say it.
A 1x12 open back which is 15x15x13 inches deep with brads prototype SMS that he turned me on to and powered by a solid state power amp (I have 2 1x12 cabs but only used one).
I love the fast attack of the solid state amp and how it doesn't compress at louder volumes and on the other side my HR deluxe squashing like crazy. Happy medium. Still looking for a perfect solid state amp. This is not my ideal rig by a long shot! If I had the $$$$ it would be a lot different but the K's would be there for sure. I like one side solid state and one side tubes though. When I hit my stereo panner (through a stereo PA) and supported a piano solo the crowd really noticed it. I don't have an OBEL right now so I have a Volume pedal after everything but before the delay and I have (hardwired) loops set up for my pedals. I have had the chance to check a few neodymium's out but nothing jumped out so far. Let me have it now:) I'm ready..................... ha ha
BLASPHEME!!!!!! lol

I see nothing wrong with trying all kinds of things until you carve out your OWN sound. A little of this, a little of that... :)

After all, WHO KNOWS what Jerry would be using by now?

I was chastised on here for liking my HR Deluxe.
So I like it for what I.... play,

and of course +1 on the 2 cabs ;)
 #78842  by NeebruM
 Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:12 am
I don't see wht Brad can't make a PERFECT (semi) little solid state amp... Something like that McIntosh 752 I was talking about with a little more beef to it.

I think ONE of the secrets of old Mr. McIntosh was the Military Spec parts (of the right kind and placement, of course), and some REALLY GOOD transformers.

The search goes on... :peas:
 #78863  by modz
 Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:41 am
Yes John S. the 2 x 12's were so last month you should just trash it and buy all new:) I would prefer my 2x12 cab at every gig! Really I prefer 2 - 2x12's but I can't find that many K's nor do i have the extra funds. I also carry PA, monitors, lights etc so I don't have a lot of room left. I will carry both my 1x12's at once as a tribute to you..... ha ha
So what speakers did you decide on? I think the Neo's you bought would make decent vocal monitors. I dig your geetire brother!
I have my 2x12 in my studio pre mic'ed in a isolation chamber.
Neebrum my ole buddy. I generally take other peoples advice to heart and maybe research where their view is coming from. My HR deluxe is a throw away amp. When it stops working so what. I have 400.00 into it. I have had many conversations about this next comment. Usually if your amp sounds good at home it doesn't with a band. If a basement player is ragging me I take that into consideration but still I value the opinion / critique. The HR is a small part of my sound. The HR seems like a basement musicians amp. It sounds like a whole band with the bass up:) I cut the bass almost completely out. I would like 2 old twins but I'm 47 and play in an original band which equals a lot less $ than the dead band I was in for 8 years. The SMS > solid state power is a winner. It seems like I hear it over my tube amp 90% of the time anyway. I think ole Jerome may have had something there.
I would love to blindfold myself and some friends and see if we can tell the difference between certain gear / speakers. Just for fun. My ears are pretty blown out from my 30 years of playing way too loud but I still have some definition.
Brad once again thanks for the Peavey......... Sounds so strange to say that. I had a guy say he loved the JBL in my HR. i said "it's a peavey".
Some of my favorite tones were from players that were poor and struggled to get what they could out of crap. It's at least 80% the player in my opinion. I want a real Deluxe like a 69 or 70, new caps etc but when I find one it's like 1,500 bux.....
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 #78864  by modz
 Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:49 am
NeebruM wrote:PS:
I don't see wht Brad can't make a PERFECT (semi) little solid state amp... Something like that McIntosh 752 I was talking about with a little more beef to it.

I think ONE of the secrets of old Mr. McIntosh was the Military Spec parts (of the right kind and placement, of course), and some REALLY GOOD transformers.

The search goes on... :peas:
I checked Brads new tube power amp and it looks really cool. He has a class D module for his pre and that thing is killer. I agree that he needs to get a Mcintosh clone going at least make me one. Every time I go to his house he is just watching TV and eating chips! Just kidding of course. He is so busy. We used to be able to Jam with 1 minute notice. Just ad kids and there goes the last minute jamz. We both have three kids.
 #78881  by NeebruM
 Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:45 pm
I know it's a cheap amp but I happen to like the tone... Mainly I got it cause it was lighter than that twin I was lugging around.

I got a cheap guitar too, so if it gets stolen or smashed at a gig, I don't lose my mind.

I guess too, growing up literally IN the vintage era and hearing them new, I have a different perspective vs today's latest hot shit...

And I might have something to say as well since I was THERE when they were young and full of fire and at their best (but I'm biased cause I WAS there)

I am looking and ok, whatever.
 #78882  by modz
 Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:38 pm
Yes sir the HR's are light until they meet the K120's:) I like mine fine. It's not the cost that matters. In the day the fender Deluxe was cheaper than most other amps and now you can't touch them. Same with the bassmen amps. If I had to pick one amp with NO stomp boxes the HR would be in my top 10. I like the lead channel!!! Mine is the 1st batch that came out and both are still fine. I did have to remove those crappy electrical clips on my reverb tank and hard wire them so while my iron was hot I removed all of the clips everywhere and soldered them. I used to tour with a vintage amp but it pooped out on me a lot so I sold it and bought 2 HR deluxe's.
 #79351  by aiq
 Wed May 05, 2010 12:37 pm
Just wanted to report in that I got my Weber Neo10's yesterday. Easy remove and replace and they are great. JBL sound in spades.

Built and shipped in exactly 14 days just as listed on the website. Now it took FX four days to get it to me...

So to summarize, Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb, modded to lose the hum and for more headroom, Weber Neo 10s. Sometimes I run a Soldano 2x12 with it but not very often.

To my ears a legit half-Twin.