#174324  by bzbz
Well, I always kenw the Octave was used nicely in Stranger, parts of Terrapin, Looks Like Rain, Dupree's, etc

But I started listening specifically for it - and have discovered it pops up in a lot of places - I heard an 82 Bird Song and think the entire solo had use of the Octave, I hear it in The Wheel, parts of Deal solos with distortion, tiny parts of JGB The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, and I keep finding it in places I never suspected -

just found it interesting
 #174325  by lbpesq
I mostly use my octave pedal (lawsuit Mooer Tender Octaver - illegal clone of EHX Pog) set with octave up only to simulate a 12 string guitar.

Bill, tgo
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 #174360  by Darkstar860
Ive found more and more uses for my Behringer Octave Divider in recent months. Its def in the mix more than one may think when ya start really listening for it. For sure.

Also on another topic I found the GR-30 Syth's Filter with the Mu-Tron and the Octave Divider is insane. Very 90s Jerry. :-)
 #174362  by Slewfoot2000
Speaking of Octave pedals, anyone have any good recommendations for one that tracks well with chords for fun Jerry tones?