#174313  by Darkstar860
I had two questions about the SMS CTP. What exactly is the Jerry mod in these ? What is replaced etc over the stock model ? Also has anyone experimented with different reverb modules ?

I just put a RCA long plate in V1 and a GE short plate in V2 this AM. :-)
 #174320  by petcat
No idea what the mods are, but I did have Brad build mine with an extra line out which I use to feed a Two Notes Digital Loadbox which goes to the board. Still want to mic the cab after leaving the Loadbox accidentally turned off when recording. Oops!
 #174321  by Jon S.
If you do some internet word searches, you'll find comments like these in the public domain that may assist you. Note that I have no relationship or affiliation with any of the cited sources for the info. that follows. I'm merely letting you know who I saw posted the info. in case you want to take that into account in determining its usefulness to you. Note that the last comment is by Brad Sarno ("Mr. SMS"):

* I just saw on a respected sources website that Jerry's Twin had .022's in the tonestack instead of the normal .1 and .047. (Imagined Days)

* .022s in the mids will keep more mids around than some of the other higher value capacitors commonly used in fender amps, and .022 in the bass will cause the bass frequencies to drop off at a higher value and lose a lot more overall bass than the .1. So, theoretically, .022s seem to make sense for jerry (more bass cut and less mid scoop) (Stevo123)

* It is by no means a secret mod, others have done it. using the duncan tonestack calculator, and the known jerry twin settings, show a pretty identical curve between the stock values and the .022uFs. the difference being the sharper bass rolloff with the .022uF's. (Mike Wald)

* Just got my twin back from the tech with all the healy mods done and played a farm gig over the weekend. YOW! Talk about clean power and clear highs and lows. (JB Arnold)

* Let me suggest a place to start: First, in addition to changing all of the caps, you will want to change all of the plate resistors for non-inductive metal film versions. Also change all of the cathode resistors and use tantalum capacitors for the bypass caps (I use military grade axial lead versions). This, especially for steel, will greatly improve the high frequencies yielding the pure and clearer bell like tones. (JB Arnold claiming to be quoting Healy)

* I've done most of the mod that JB quoted except for the non-inductive metal film plate resistors. That's next. The other mods were amazing. I've never heard a Twin so open and sweet and clear and hi-fi before. The steel just sings thru it. (Brad Sarno)