#174106  by Darkstar860
I thought id show you guys my setup im going to be using on the 19th of Feb @ the Haze in Woosta Mass. Im sitting in with a friends band Ten Gold Dollars.


Does anyone else have some videos or pics of their current setup they have been using lately ? Love this site and i love seeing what everyone is up to gear wise. :-)

Hope all is well everyone :-)

Oh yeah ! In the video a new peice of gear a friend gave me. 1966 Fender Echo Chamber with some mods done to it. Has an echoplex cartridge and some of stuff done. It was recently redone by a good tech. Runs like a champ. Id always wanted one of these.

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 #174110  by ssmug
Nice! How did you disable the cabsim on the American Sound pedal? I didn't think that was possible.