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Hey guys my names Isaac. I don’t post on here a lot but I’ve read so many of your guys forums. Recently I’ve developed a method to “tubify” the preamp of a Roland Jazz Chorus using a ultra transparent preamp guitar pedal with three 12ax7, operating at true amp voltage, the Effectrode Tube Drive. I thought you guys would be interested since Jerry used a tube preamp and solid state power amp. Not to mention the gain stage of a JC is nearly identical to a fender twin.

The important distinction is that without overdrive on, the amp sounds almost as clean as plugging directly into comparison video mixer, so I’m not using a tube overdrive that’s blending into the sound your hearing. In the SS samples, the amps built-in solid state overdrive is all the overdrive you hear, then that’s completely turned off (sounding like a plugging into a mixing console), and replaced completely by turning on the Effectrodes tube preamp overdrive.

Really want to hear what you guys think :musicsmile:

There’s a much longer comparison video on my channel with more samples (clean, metal tone, distortion), but this one gets to the point.

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Not as much of an EQ difference as I was expecting to hear between the Tube being on or off, which I guess is a good thing if you like the sound of the JC. It definitely sounds like with the Effectrode on the distortion is less harsh. Though I also wonder if swapping the speakers in that amp would also be beneficial
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Right on! Glad you could pick out a difference. Personally, I probably wouldn’t change the speakers, cause I’m a Roland fanatic, but for people who wanted a more “Jerry” sound, I could see why you’d suggest that. Any ideas of what speakers one might use?