#173748  by Darkstar860
I got a Furman 8x2 power conditioner for my rack setup and I also added an Audio-Technica wireless unit that is unreal how good it works. I love this rack head cab, this was a no brainer and blends the rack setup with my normal guitar looking cabs and what not.

After 3 years of issues with my shoulder and a ten year battle with my back, ive had surgeries to "correct" these issues. Finally beginning to feel like I can perform live again and get back into doing what I love. But im still building up being able to stand and play for 3+ hours again.

What are you all up to show wise ? Whos playing where ? Id love to check out some of yall kind folks and check out your setups live.

Take care

Also a nice thing is the ART is setup in stereo. So one channel of the ART is the top speaker (T) and the other channel is the bottom speaker (B) in my 2x12 JBL loaded cab. I can have the bottom speaker mic'd and set at where the sound guy wants it and adjust the top speaker for stage volume etc and i can adjust this without driving the sound guy nuts. Ive been trying to simplify my setup for years and now ive got it down to about a 5-10 min setup for everything, including my tablet stand etc.
 #173754  by strumminsix
Nice setup. I do similar and power my 2x12: bottom is mic'd and goes unchanged, top can vary if I need more me.
 #173755  by lbpesq
My "big rig" is an Alembic F-2B (stereo pre) > Carvin DCM200L > two 1x12s loaded with K120s, one re-coned in hemp. The hemp-coned JBL sounds a little darker. I plug my guitar into channel A, and jumper the second channel A input to channel B on the F-2B (the old Fender trick). I tweak one channel on the F-2B to accentuate the highs through the normal JBL and the other to accentuate the lows through the hemp-coned JBL. I then adjust the relative volume of each to get the tone I want.

Bill, tgo
 #173761  by Darkstar860
Nice :-)

Im actually debating selling one of my JBL's and trying another speaker in my 2x12 for the top as my ears are shot from JBL's haha. Something a little darker. Interesting, id never heard of a recone with hemp on a JBL. I know ive been living under a big heavy rock haha. One of mine is a recone and the other is all original. I cant tell if one is brighter than the other.