#173747  by Darkstar860
Get the tone/effect Jerry gets here ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxSoboz ... HarryAngus

Ive never gotten into trying to get this tone or say the tone in Candy Man. Not sure what you all use to get this sound. There are so many options out there now a days I dont know what to pick. I like very very simple pedals with less is more approach.

In other news i finally got a rack Furman 8x2 to use in my SMS/ART rack head. I also have a Audio Technica wireless system to use now that is the first wireless setup ive owned that works flawless.!
 #173750  by Darkstar860
Someone mentioned I might like the 100. But you are happy with the 90. I like MXR stuff and its simple set of controls is up my alley. Thanks :-)
 #173752  by NeilG1
Don't quote me - i think a phase 100 is "correct", but I find the 90 works well. I actually have a 95 that I really like. Small and very versatile. On the script 90 setting I get good tone for the money.
 #173753  by Slewfoot2000
Yeah, it’s definitely the MXR Phase 100, but a good 90 will get close. The 100 just has one speed that’s faster which is what Jerry used.

I have a modern 100 and it is kind of a tone sucker so it’s worth finding an older one for a decent price if you can.