#173862  by NeilG1
I have Bareknuckle Apaches and a Waldo spud72 in my Suhr strat and the gator tones are incredible. These are A3 with a vintage 54 stagger.
A friend has Dave Allen Tru54 that also sound the part. I only know what I've read, but I too am of the belief that Gator - and likely the first version of Wolf - had 54 A3 pickups.
 #173946  by Darkstar860
Ok i got a message back from Fralin and they sent me a link to the set and i can order just one at a time or the whole set etc. SO i ordered 3 of the neck ones for my 3 main Wolf guitars. Thanks so much everyone. Glad we have a message forum with all this info and people to help chime in etc.