#173581  by Darkstar860
WOW 20k !!! im all set. I really like my Wolf guitars that Phred sells. Each one plays identical to the other in playing feel, i love them. I know ive heard others who do not like them, but just as the world turns, guitar builders also get better over time. But for 20K I could buy 18 Phred Wolfs or some of his Tiger copies or Lightning Bolt etc and customize them with all the "bling".

Last wicked expensive guitar i bought was in 1999. Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus Custom shop AAA. Was $3800 with case. Now i find that for around $800-1200 i can get one hell of a guitar. Id love to have something like this guitar above... but I just can do it. I have too many loved ones to worry about and help if need be etc.

For me personally, Id feel selfish myself if i bought this LOL!!
As Rodney Dangerfield says "No offense" :-P

$20k i can buy 30 acres of property in Western Ny.
 #173582  by Jon S.
Not worth the $$ but I'm still glad to see this iconic guitar recognized by FMIC.
 #173583  by broesau
I wonder if Andy Logan assisted them in the research. Am I crazy or did I read somewhere that Alligator has a 3 way switch?
 #173584  by lbpesq
Considering that Fender didn't introduce the 5-way blade switch until 1977, it is fair to assume Alligator had a 3-way switch.

I didn't see any price on the link, but $20K wouldn't surprise me. IIRC, that's what they charged for their copy of EVH's guitar, complete with bare wires hanging out the empty middle pickup route!.

One thing I did notice is that they are using 1955 spec pickups. In 1955, Fender used Alnico V magnets. Alligator had 1954 pickups which used Alnico III magnets.

Bill, tgo
 #173585  by NeilG1
Yes to the above as far as I know. Don’t think they wired the tone controls correctly either.
Anyway - premier guitar article says 20K. I’m sure they’ll sell. I hope Big Steve got himself some of the money at least….

I’d still rather have one of Bob’s ;)

Edit: guitar world actually. Shame there’s no mention of Rick Turner

https://www.guitarworld.com/news/fender ... ratocaster
 #173587  by Slewfoot2000
Glad to see Alligator getting immortalized in such a way. It's definitely an iconic instrument!

When I first saw the headline I was afraid it would affect all the wonderful boutique builders out there making fantastic Alligator (among other) replicas.

Then I saw it was limited to 100 and it was $20K so don't think there's any fear of that!

Curious how it turns out.
 #173856  by somedirection
I know this thread is about the Fender custom shop Alligator....but thought I'd add some info to help with the question on what are the pups in actual Alligator.

Here's a completely different source (than Fender talking about the custom shop Alligator) that confirms actual Alligator is a 55 strat, including neck, body, pups. Alligator spent some time in a local Palo Alto guitar shop (Gryphon Guitar, a fantastic long-lived shop) at some point in Andy Logan's ownership and some of the results of that learning/investigation is featured in the article.

Here's the recent article in Guitar Player:

https://www.guitarplayer.com/gear/get-a ... collection

The article has this quote in it: “However, Fender has since confirmed that they are the original 1955 pickups. Interestingly, it does appear that they did tweak the pole heights.”

So 1955 pickups, but not entirely stock...so still room for some discussion/debate!

cheers Des
 #173857  by lbpesq
I have previously read that the pickups were '54s. Given the body and neck both date from early in '55 (January and February), it would not be unusual for Fender to have built it with '54 pickups. In 1954 Fender used Alnico 3 magnets in their pickups. They changed to Alnico 5 in 1955. They also changed the stagger in 1955 as more players were using unwound G strings. IMHO, it is far more likely that Alligator had '54 pickups than that it had 1955 pickups that Fender changed to the 1954 stagger on this particular guitar.

Bill, tgo
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 #173859  by Slewfoot2000
According to Waldo and some other knowledgeable folks, the Pure Vintage 54 Fender pickups are some of the best ones out there for early Jerry tones. They only made 1954 of them some years back for the anniversary.

A shop out in California has a big stash of them at the link below. Just thought you all might want to know in case you need some for future projects.

One of these days I plan on having a 73 / 74 style Wolf built and might put these in there if so. Apparently Wolf originally also had the 54 type pole stagger.

 #173860  by somedirection
Billtgo, your logic on timing makes sense (early 55 body/neck with late 54 pups). And the Alnico 3 vs 5 distinction is important.

But then we have Fender saying twice (in the custom shop promo and working with Gryphon on Alligator) has said twice they are 55 pups. I can totally believe Fender would get it wrong.

But I'll ask the guys at Gryphon about that re 54 vs 55 pups next time I'm in the shop...or I'll ask ask Alex Jordan (ex Midnight North) who works at Gryphon, works with Andy Logan, in Cubensis...if I see him first.

 #173861  by lbpesq
I'm certainly curious to hear what Gryphon says.

On my next alligator build, (which I hope to get started during the holidays), I'm planning on winding my own pickups using Alnico 3 magnets and '54 specs, except that I'll be using the '55 unwound G string stagger. I've had this discussion previously. I believe in making upgrades that help the sound or playability and don't change the cosmetics, like placing the Stratoblaster and battery in the tremolo compartment rather than under the pick guard. I also built my previous Alligator with a recessed bridge mount to allow for lower action than Alligator originally allowed.

Bill, tgo
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