#173252  by Gr8fulCadi
I’ve had a set of Bootstrap 54’ A3’s for awhile now and was planning on installing them in a natural-finished Fender American strat. I now plan on dropping them into a Phiga Eagle, getting away from the Super II’s and hoping for some early Wolf tones. More to come!

Here’s a mockup of one of Rusch Guitars SSS pickup rings I plan on purchasing.
 #173255  by lbpesq
Sweet looking guitar. How’s the neck? I had a Phiga Casta many years ago. The neck was a baseball bat, just huge. It also had a huge volute, almost like a goiter, and Phil’s crop circle inlays. Really nice workmanship (workpersonship?)

Bill, tgo
 #173259  by lbpesq
I see Phil is still using his massive volutes. That sucker is NEVER going to break at the head! I'm also 6'2" and have large hands, especially long fingers. Even so, I've always preferred slim but slightly wide necks. Viva La Difference!

Bill, tgo
 #173260  by caspersvapors
Slewfoot2000 wrote: Mon Jul 04, 2022 6:05 pm
caspersvapors wrote: Mon Jul 04, 2022 4:36 pmIf he had been swapping single coils in Wolf or Alligator then I think we can almost guarantee that they were NOT alnico 3/54 specs.
I hear you for the fact that they technically stopped being sold after 1954-ish.

The general consensus online seems to be that Alligator did have the Alnico 3 pickups.

It's certainly possible Waldo could be mistaken with Wolf, but he usually seems to research this stuff and talks to primary sources at times. I'll reach out to him to see where he may have gotten that info.

But in general, The Dead and their crew were very resourceful as we know. Can totally see them buying a few dozen of those pickups somewhere that still had stock if Jerry preferred them.
You are correct about Alligator. It definitely has 54 pickups, or at least it does now.
 #173261  by Jon S.
caspersvapors wrote: Tue Jul 05, 2022 12:52 pm You are correct about Alligator. It definitely has 54 pickups
54 pickups?! That beats even Rick Nielsen.

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 #173868  by Slewfoot2000
So here's something interesting I just noticed on Waldo's Instagram site regarding Wolf: he mentioned that there was shielding inside the pickup covers in 73 / 74 era when Wolf was single coils. Guessing that was done as an extra way to eliminate hum although Waldo didn't specify exactly what was used. Foil? Copper tape?

This article in the link below covers the topic pretty well.

https://www.premierguitar.com/diy/mod-g ... kup-covers

It points out that there is some inevitable treble loss when doing this. Considering how warm and round I've always found Wolf to be, that seems to make sense that the highs aren't too high and shrill. While tough to be sure, perhaps this is one small piece of the greater puzzle in those early Wolf tones.
 #173869  by lbpesq
On Alligator the inside of the pickup covers were shielded and ran to ground. I believe it was done with copper tape. Though I generally use copper tape to shield, when I built my Alligator I used a few layers of paint inside the PU covers. The strings and bridge were not grounded. As I understand it, this was done, at least in part, to protect Jerry from getting any electrical shocks.

Bill, tgo
 #173870  by Slewfoot2000
Thanks @lbpesq! Makes sense that Alligator would be shielded as well considering I also don't find that tone as bright and Straty as some...I wonder if the Veneta Strat had the pickups shielded? My gut says no since it was a temporary guitar and the tone is more of a typical Strat as can be heard on Dicks Picks 11 and 36 in addition to Veneta...of course, all guitars are different regardless!
 #173875  by lbpesq
Just “lbpesq” or “Bill, tgo”. My email is an “@“, and my informal rotating players Dead ensemble is the “Jerry@trics”, but I myself am not, have never been, and hopefully will never be, an “@“.

Bill, tgo
 #173878  by Darkstar860
What single coil pickups are you all using in your guitars ? I really like G&L's stock pickups in their Legacy models for Alligator tone. Im using a SD SSL-2 in my Wolf guitars in the neck position. Just curious what yall are using. :-)
 #173880  by NeilG1
I've got Barenknuckle Apaches in mine. 54 stagger. Really incredible pickups, but not cheap.
I've heard great things about Dave Allen Tru54. Also Bootstrap 54 sparkle - crazy deal!