#173881  by Darkstar860
One of these days I gotta try some different Single Coils in my Wolfs, nothing wrong with the SD's im using but id like to try some of these pickups mentioned above. :-)
 #173892  by Darkstar860

^^^ Hmm.. I just need neck pickups. Hate to buy a set only to break it up for a Single in the neck position on one of my Wolfs. Do they sell these just in sets ? Or can you find these in individual sales ? Thanks for all the info everyone :-)

Greatly appreciated
 #173897  by franklins_timmy
I was using the Fender Pure Vintage 65 set in my Strat for Alligator, early Wolf tones. Thought they did a great job. The 65's only come in sets too and are A5, but way cheaper than the 54 set.

Switched to a set of Bootstrap 54 Vintage Sparkles, they're A3 but not formvar. Really think these do a great job too. Bootstrap sells singles, can get a 54 VS neck for $27.99. Nothing but great things said about how their pups sound if you poke around the internet forums.

https://bootstrappickups.com/collection ... d-machines