#173173  by Darkstar860
Ive been looking into getting one of these, but i thought id ask first here. Does anyone know anyone that may have a used one for sale ? Id really like to try one out first, but i doubt thats gonna happen. But ive talked with a few people who like theres. But id rather buy it used and take the gamble spending a lil less $ than on a new one.

Anywhoo thanks ;-)

https://eastwoodguitars.com/products/ea ... ag_organic

 #173175  by Darkstar860
I own a few Phreds, i just wanted to try something different out. Been looking at this guitar for awhile, just wish i could find one used. $1500ish is a little too much for me currently. I own 4 standard Wolfs and one Green Wolf made by Phred. Ive been using them for about 6 or 7 years ? maybe a little longer. They have taken a beating thru out the years. I have mine decked out with brass parts. One of em has cool pickup ring with turtles and roses and lightning bolts etched into the brass and so is the 5 way switch, a friend from CO made them for me. I buy the bare bone Wolfs and I add my own parts I find along the way.

Heres a pic of my oldest one and my #1 guitar for about 7 years.

Heres my newest addition

And my Green one, i have two more standard ones.
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 #173188  by Funky145
I'll sell my Wolf, but you also need to buy my Hub Bub and cable.

 #173189  by Jon S.
The green one is unique and cool!
 #174288  by Limestone
I ordered this guitar from Eastwood in July 2022 for $1,499 and received it in November. After paying for a setup, I’ve got $1,600 in it, which I think is pretty decent considering that it’s a neck-thru, and the materials used. The pickups sound good. The coil-tap switches on the HBs work, and they sound good in both positions. After re-soldering the ground and lead to the correct positions, the OBEL works correctly. I turned the buffer down to just above its minimum setting, and it sounds right. The pots are a bit scratchy. I might put higher spec electronics in it. Overall the guitar is what I expected. The maple and walnut look good, and the neck-through is very cool.

If you want a neck-through guitar with OBEL and a buffer, and you don’t want to spend $thousands more for a luthier custom build, I don’t think you can go wrong.

EDIT: I forgot to say that the Eastwood people refunded me $100 for having to re-solder the OBEL jack, so after setup I’ve got $1,500 in it.