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Considering that it was JGB and not the Dead and that the show was in Hawaii I’m questioning whether he would have flown out his whole usual rig or would have used stuff they had on the island - since he was a regular in Hawaii he may have just had a stash of equipment he kept there. Not quite sure the “scope” of JGB and the extent to which they had a road crew etc. - I’m assuming they didn’t fly much.

Any info on this would be much appreciated!!!
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Note the Crest 8001 power amp between the Mac & Twins. He switched between the Mac and the Crest between Sept 89' and early summer 90'. There was some thought that it was an amp for his Midi set up, but if you watch the Sept Shoreline 89 video, you can see the Crest light up during non Midi segments and not light up later in the show when Jer's playing some of the midi sounds.
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