#169617  by wpmartin1979
Hey everyone ... so I got a Lexicon reverb/fx rack unit and want to use it with my guitar rig.
However, when I plug the preamp straight into it the reverb is way to strong and drowns out the tone of the preamp. As far as I can tell there is no level adjustment in the Lexicon.
Would a rack mixer solve this issue? How would I set it up? Would the preamp + fx pedals going into the preamp also go through the mixer?
This is all new ground for me, so not sure what to do. Any advice is appreciated!
My current configuration is like this:

Guitar > FX Pedals > Preamp > Lexicon > Power Amp > Speaker
 #169621  by wpmartin1979
Yeah so after further investigation it seems that the FX in the Lexicon are 100% wet with no real way to dry them out

The reverb basically sounds like if you had the wet/mix knob permanently dimed in a reverb pedal

Would a rack mixer fix that for me if I mixed the wet signal from the lexicon with the dry signal from the preamp?

Is that how it’s supposed to work?

Man this rack stuff gets complex! :shock: