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Howdy folks! Over the break I was able to accomplish a mod on the Carvin. I got my hands on a Jerry Garcia Single coil pup from DGN Customs and plopped that bad boy into the middle position.
Dan Lurie also completed my FYD TRP so I’ve got that rocking in this video + I was able to score a MosValve 962 to power it. Man, this new set up is incredible. The FYD is the best thing I’ve ever experienced!
Check out the video here:


Anyways, I highly recommend these hand made pickups from Dan at DGN Customs. They are super high quality and dial in the Jerry tone perfectly. He also makes them in humbucker. The singles are made to replicate the exact tone of the split super 2.

Oh ... and Happy New Weir!
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lbpesq wrote: Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:01 am Sounds really nice!

Bill, tgo
Thanks Bill! I also forgot to thank everyone in this forum, including you, for being so cool and supportive with all things Jerry tone! This has been a fun new journey/hobbie for a retired road worn dead/cheese head turned DAD of 4 kids! Lol
As a thank you I’m going to be posting a couple free guitar lessons in the near future for some little tricks I’ve picked up for Jerry techniques using triads and chord tones for soloing!!
Thank you guys for all the advice! You rule!
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Jon S. wrote: Sat Jan 09, 2021 2:39 pm Sound REALLY nice. :cool:
Thanks Jon, got any suggestions for using the FYD? - I know you also have one. Dan gave me some pointers, but wondering if you have learned anything useful from using it for a while. Like how to get the most out of it at lower volumes maybe?
 #169190  by Jon S.
Honestly, with the awesome tone you're getting already, you should be giving pointers, not getting them! Just keep doing what you're doing now.

If you want to experiment more, there are only few knobs so just have at it. I'll put a link below on how the trad Fender tone stack works that may assist you in your experimentation.

At lower volumes, the rule of thumb is up the bass a bit and maybe also the gain. The opposite is true, too. As you raise the volume on a Fender amp, lower the bass and maybe also the gain. The former may be especially helpful if your current default Jerry setting is bass on 0 (I know that's how Jer did it but I, for myself, prefer a default bass setting of around 2).

http://pickroar.com/1003/the-tone-stack ... or-humans/
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