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Hi everyone. Back in the spring, I bought a used Aria Pro-II TS-600 and modded it into Tiger. For months and months I had a problem with the guitar-out signal shorting out. I eventually moved the ground wires from the shielding to the volume pot and it seems to have cured it.

However, now a new problem has popped up where my OBEL signal gets weaker and fartier. I can obviously isolate the guitar out to test that, but is there any good way to only test the OBEL out?

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Yeah- weaker and fartier sounds like battery.
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TI4-1009 wrote: Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:02 am Yeah- weaker and fartier sounds like battery.
Thanks, folks! I actually haven't done that, as when I re-grounded it around 10 days ago, I replaced the guitar battery. That's the only thing in my chain that needs a battery. All my pedals have plugs. But if it were a battery problem, wouldn't the signal be a problem whether OBEL is on or bypassed?

When I switch the HubBub to regular mode and bypass the guitar OBEL, the pedals sound fine, and when I switch back to OBEL, it's weak and farty.

I should've mentioned that I've gone inside and tried to find the flaw. Sometimes I can do that (as well as pulling the jack out so I can check the soldering on those) and, without adjusting anything, the problem goes away. And then maybe comes back. So it's intermittent and I can't find any rhyme or reason.

I also don't think this was a problem when my guitar out jack was improperly grounded, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's also been a problem the whole time.

Yesterday I redid the solder on the DPDT switch for the OBEL. It's possible that fixed it but I have enough PTSD from this thing that I'm just assuming it's going to happen again, which is why I want to find a way to isolate the OBEL signal.

Thanks for the help!
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Hmmm... well in that case-

Have you taken all the pedals out of the loop to confirm that none of them are the problem? Just bridge the in/out on the HubBub.

If the problem is still there, I'd use the continuity function on a multimeter to start searching point-to-point through both the cables and the internal circuit in the guitar. Wiggle as you go to try and make it rear its ugly head.
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A couple of good tools that everyone should make and keep in their case is sort of OBEL test kit. For a few dollars you can make a male and female TRS jack. Solder or connect the tip and ring together and now you'll have a quick and foolproof way to quickly determine if you have a OBEL (guitar side) or OBEL cable issue. If you pass both tests you know it's in your pedals.