#168568  by Jblue76
 Sat Nov 14, 2020 3:59 am
Hey all,
Anybody ever try these out? I’m contemplating a set for my strat and I’d love to hear your experience with them, especially as compared to the Voodoo 69s.
 #168575  by Searing75
 Sun Nov 15, 2020 6:38 pm
All I can tell you is that the Voodoo 69’s are incredible! They are easy the best pickups I have ever had the pleasure to use. Inspiring!
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 #168577  by Jon S.
 Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:17 am
The Voodoo 69s in my Scarlet Fire Wolf sound wonderful through a full Jerrified rig. For general music use, I prefer Strat pickups with a bit more mids to them. That or use the 6.2K ohm Voodoo 69 bridge PUP in the middle and put a beefier bridge PUP there (this is essentially what I did with my '99 USA Reverend Avenger - I moved the 6.2K stock bridge Kent Armstrong single coil PUP to the middle slot and replaced the bridge single coil with a vintage '76 Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucker).
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