#168415  by Jon S.
The SHO (Sweet Honey Overdrive, not Super Hard On!) is, of course, available either already built into the Super Black or as a standalone pedal.

Looks like the SB could be nice to run directly into a McI.


 #168432  by Jon S.
When, before starting this thread, I did a search here for the Sweet Honey Overdrive, I got several hits, but they were old and none of the prior posters returned here.

In this "Best Fender Blackface Pre Amp [sic]" 5-page thread ongoing now on TGP at https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index ... p.2149293/ , the Mad Professor Super Black has gotten some powerfully positive testimony, as has one of RUKIND's faves (which I own, too), the SMS BFTR preamp.