#166051  by dleonard
 Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:25 pm
I made the trip up to the Met in NYC to see the rock and roll exhibit. All sorts of good stuff. Beatles guitars, Blackie, SRV’s Strat. Seeing Wolf and Tiger that close was close to being a religious experience. I was surprised, however, by the state of Wolf. I do understand it is close to a 50 year old guitar that got a lot of use for a long time. I was still surprised by how beat up it looked. Immediately apparent was the finish was cracked all over the place, and the electronics and brass look like pretty old and worn. Most surprising was a chip in the fingerboard on the 12th fret by the low E string. Wolf’s neck appeared slimmer than what I had also expected.

Tiger, on the other hand, looked pristine. Thick neck as expected. The only real visible wear was the Tiger plate screw holes. I guess I expected some fret wear or some signs of the heavy workload it got.

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