#166067  by czyfingers
Milobender-agreed...if you want to be authentic, the JBLs are key and simple plug and play item that can really change things. This is probably a given at this point but to my ears they sound best and the difference is most noticeable when you can pump a good amount of power and volume through them.
 #166068  by czyfingers
I forgot to also mention that I agree on the pickups as well. They can really change things. The only guitar I currently own that still has all of its stock pickups is the Legacy and they’re ok but the voodoo 69s in the other one are much sweeter sounding. Your pickups in the video sounded great too. I’ve found that the Legacy works better for playing cleanish Bobby stuff on the in between positions.
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 #166069  by NeilG1
I’m looking at 2 options:
68 DRRI that I can get for $1000 (Canadian)
Quilter 101 mini reverb, 1x12 cab with a 12” Tone Tubby Alnico Red, all for about $800 Canadian.

Anyone have strong opinions either way? I know that speaker is no JBL or even Purple Haze, but a decent start? Or better to stick with the DRRI combo.

Thanks so much. I’m bewildered
 #166070  by NeilG1
Should add:
The quilter is 500 Canadian (375 USD)
1x12 plus Tone tubby is 350 Canadian (275 USD)

DRRI is 1000 Canadian (750 USD)
Thanks again
 #166071  by czyfingers
I can’t really speak of the quilter personally but I’ve heard others playing them and they sound great. I do have Fenders new and old though and love them. I think you’d probably be happy with either one honestly. But...you said $275 USD for the tone tubby? I see either good condition or well reconed JBLs for under $200 pretty consistently. The D123s for even less.
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 #166073  by NeilG1
Thank you both. The TT speaker includes the cabinet but I get the idea - too expensive.
The only other issue is that shipping to Canada and currency exchange makes these a bit more expensive here, but I’ll keep poking around.
Thanks again
 #166074  by jackevorkian
I’ve been partially down this rabbit hole. Start with a JBL and work backwards, making sure to get a ‘69 pickup in the middle position. A blaster is good, but there are pedals that can do the same thing. Don’t waste your time with the buffer or OBEL.

If I were you, I’d get that Quilter, a K120, and a decent cab. There’s a guy on eBay that makes very nice unfinished cabs that are really well priced. I’m a woodworker/carpenter, but I bought a 1x15 from him because for the time and money, it’s hard to beat.

And put a 69 in the middle.
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 #166076  by milobender
Just gonna add one more example... well two... I'm firmly a Fender Amp person myself! I don't think you can beat the sound. HOWEVER, at low volumes it's a bit harder to get a good tone. In this example, it's considerably louder than the Quilter was, and to get a good response, it really needs to be too loud for civility in the house. I'll post the second 'half' of the video (interrupted by the phone) shortly, that has a slew of different guitar settings, leaving the pedal alone again, and a good bit with the volume turned up on the guitar. In the end I favor the sound of the actual Fender amp, but the Quilter is more forgiving, and much better at low volumes... You really gotta have both ;o)

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