#165642  by Whatwouldjerrydo
 Fri May 10, 2019 11:54 pm
I got a pewter sg dangling off my keychain with a pick attached to it.
So thats what I think of em.

I Got a offer on my great 2012 sg junior. To fund a nicer more versatile sg

My sg junior is set up with a bigsby and a p90 Tonal beast. Can do blues jazz to chicken pick and harder classic rock hell soad uses one for mesmerized hypnotized .

Does jerry wonderfully and should cause his sg had a bigsby and he played underpowered sg ttops and that les paul had p 90’s and since he was on a beefed up single coil alot of time in in the neck on tiger etc. I could get a custom lollar that im sure would make it even more versatile.

But i found a 2012 standard with burstbuckers with coil taps. And its a honey sunburst beautiful serious axe. Gonna be about $1200 with tax gc made this run in 2012 and clean ones are bringing 12-14. Rough ones $1k i had one. It could burn allman style slide and get real straty along with the gibson rock tones. It was like the closest thing to a les paul and strat i ever played. Even better than prs because a sg can fender twang better. And i love prs
My other ax is a tele with original bardens complete gatton setup astroglide pots barden bridge. And it will do anything in hi fi