#165615  by Whatwouldjerrydo
Ive got to the point where more than a couple pedals is a pain in my ass. Im running a sarno earth drive int the new super duper mxr carbon copy that does it all.

That keeley looks like it packs alot of punch. Im not trying to clone jerrys rig but hows the filter on that pedal you can also use it as a regular wah and it has octavia and univibe sounds and a fuzz as well it dont have to be a perfect Mu-Tron but just good enough to get my jerry jollys.
 #165694  by perljam
Keeley Monterey is a very versatile pedal - but it's not designed to get the auto filter Garcia tone. It has many amazing Hendrix/Zappa flavored tones, and can do an OK wah sound if you hook up an expression pedal. Especially with the fuzz on.

Keeley makes the Neutrino which is their (excellent) auto filter, although not an exact replacement for a MuTron.