#164319  by franklins_timmy
 Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:12 pm
Recently bought a Colorsound wah clone. So far I am really liking it, sounds damn good but it pops pretty loud when I engage it. Contacted the builder, he said it is normal for true bypass to have a little pop. Sent him a video, he said it is unusually loud and would fix it. I asked what needed to be fixed, he said he needed to see it but "over 50% of past examples have ended up being some problem in the user's overall rig or environment ( power , RF, etc) that is a compatibility issue." Then I asked if there was a possibility it couldn't be fixed or if he got it working right if the loud pop could show back up if I was playing in a different place or with a different amp than in the video I sent. He said yes to both. Is what he telling me right? Never had pedals pop before, especially like this. Why would where you are playing or what amp you are using make it pop too loud or not? Really like the pedal so it's a bummer. He is a very nice, helpful guy and will refund my money if I am not happy.
 #164321  by kurt eye
 Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:22 pm
I had a pedal pop issue on my VOX wah. I recommend checking and tightening down the nuts on your input and output jacks. I think that was the major crux of the problem I was having. I also started using a buffer at the same time and I thought that may have had a positive effect as well. It still has a little pop, but not terrible.

One option would be to just leave the pedal on and use a loop-master to switch it in and out of your signal chain.

The other issue I have a a scratchy pot. Which requires cleaning. I'm fearing that this could be a chronic issue. Makes one think that the digital effects processer route has its advantages.