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“Smelling of patchouli, wax and incense burns, the glow of the tubes compliments the glow of a lava lamp.”

For 2018, the Fender Custom Shop announces a limited run of Champ 10 Relic amps, specially hand-aged by Master Builders Shawn Greene and Jim Dolmage. The amp starts with a ’57 Custom Champ chassis and a custom-made solid pine cabinet designed to house a larger 10-inch speaker. Then the magic begins, with each hand-finished amp bearing a specific “back story” as to how it ended up with its own distinct wear and tear.

A Fender Custom Shop badge on the rear panel signifies each amplifier as a genuine article.

Serial #: AB040233

All-tube, hand-wired ’57 Custom Champ circuitry
Fender Vintage “yellow” tone capacitors
Upsized solid pine cabinet
Upsized custom-made 10-inch, 4 Ohm Celestial G10 speaker for full, rich tonal response
Lacquered Tweed covering, ‘50s style grille cloth, and leather handle
Each amp boasts its own unique hand-aged process with virtual “back story”
Includes Fender Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity
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No add - just sharing what I saw on line related to our passion. Just found it to be strange. Maybe wrong spot on the board. Not my equipment or company. I have nothing for sale = I do not sell anything nor make anything but music. Carry on.
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sw72 wrote: Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:04 am Excessive?
Uhhh… yes.

The exquisite combination of too much and yet not enough.
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I have a '67 Champ. There is no way you are going to get Jerry tones out of a stock champ by itself. I get pretty respectable Jerry tones from mine, at lower volume levels to keep it clean, but only by using a Real Tube Reverb in front of it, and JBLs. And... no one would give me $800 for it. $4000 lololololololol