#163092  by jeager
 Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:55 am
Haven't posted here in a long time but thought I would share that I have been messing with this Positive Grid bias mini head on a Jerry style cabinet and it is really a nice little rig. I have had a Sarno, Mac JBL rig and various iterations of the near Jerry rig for several year and decided to try the Fractal a few years back which is part of my current live rig. Just got the Bias mini going and its nice cause its designed to pair nicely with a real guitar cabinet. It got lots of power but weighs like 5 pounds and sits perfectly on top of my SSP 1x12. It can do a tone match by way of a live amp or wav file though I haven't tried that function yet I plan to try matching the one solo Jerry clip I have. The overall tone and feel is really great and it very, very flexible... also has XLR out and cab IRs so you can run it through FRFR or DI or whatever, but I like that it couples so nice with a real guitar cab.