#159797  by pablomago
 Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:05 am
I'm looking into one of these amps as a grab and go amp for jams and gigs. A friend in Ohio has the Frank Gambale sig amp and says it's great only it's loud as hell. I figure the Guitar Friend II at 50 watts would more then cover my needs. Here in Colorado there are no local dealers, so I'm at a loss. I'm not sure I want to buy something I can't play before hand.

I grew up on Fender amps, so that's my core sound, though I also own Mesa-Boogies (MK I RI & Studio .22+) A Vox AC-15, a Rivers S120-210 and lately I'm been rehearsing with a little Blackstar one watt amp that sounds much better then I'd ever guess it could.

http://www.dvmark.it/product-detail/dvc ... end-12-ii/

http://www.dvmark.it/product-detail/fgc ... signature/
 #164947  by lbpesq
 Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:31 pm
+1 on the Quilter. I have the 101 Mini Reverb with the Blockdock 10tc cab. 17 lbs. I can't imagine a better or more convenient grab 'n go rig.

Bill, tgo
 #164949  by milobender
 Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:35 pm
+1 on the Quilter. I haven't used the 101, but I do like the Mach II head, it's really versatile, if you are like me, and play a bunch of different styles. It gets a killer 70s Jerry tone with the JBLs, and the gain stages allow you to get some very nice sounds at low volumes. 6 pounds, 200 watts, it's killer "o)
 #164951  by lbpesq
 Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:04 pm
Quilters really are quite impressive. I've had mine a couple of months and have played in three or four different situations with it. I play pretty clean and this two pound 50w amp has plenty of headroom. No problem playing with a full band. Each time I've enjoyed watching the other players react when they first see this little thing, and then when they hear it! Here's a pic with an EHX B9 pedal to give perspective. I also have the Frontliner 2x8 cab that makes this amp sound like a full Twin Reverb. My back loves this thing! I don't have any personal experience with the DV Marks, but I've heard good things about their stuff.

Bill, tgo
 #164960  by strumminsix
 Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:47 am
What do you mean by, "grab and go"? Almost every combo is in that category, IMO.

Listened to a few Gambale videos and thought the tone was nowhere near Fender or Mesa clean. Sounded boxy clean like a high gain amp when somebody rolls off their volume knob to "clean it up".

For JG there is a standout with a vintage Deluxe Reverb with a D120. Many talk about replacing that tube rectifier with SS like: https://www.tedweber.com/ws1

If you want Modern, with tubes Ben Fargen does a KILLER half-twin type Blackbird and an AMAZING take on the Deluxe Reverb. Both lighter weight.

If you want modern, super lightweight , and great cleans the Quilters are amazingly awesome. But unique tonestakcs.

The absolute lightest you can get would bring you into modelling. Popping a small modeller on your board like Atomic Amplifrebox or Shift Line Twin is fantastic! From there you go straight into the PA. Pedalboard in one hand, guitar in the other, backpack for cables and shit. Most grab and go solution there really is.
 #164963  by lbpesq
 Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:53 am
What do you mean by, "grab and go"? Almost every combo is in that category, IMO.

How about grab 'n go fast? You might call my blackface Pro Reverb with JBL D120s a grab ’n go combo, but with all that weight you'll go VERY SLOW with it!

Bill, tgo
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 #164964  by Ebearius
 Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:12 am
+1 for the Quilter 101 Reverb.
I bought one almost a year ago as an impulse buy.
Since then, it’s become my most used amp. I even used it last weekend with a full hollow-body for a three piece jam. (No fear of feedback.)
A very versatile piece of gear.
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 #164967  by ac4468
 Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:20 pm
I have both a Quilter MicroPro Mach II head and a Quilter 101 Reverb. Different animals altogether. Both qualify as grab and go in my opinion. I find the Mach II more fender like with many more options to shape your tone and recreate the Fender sound. On the other hand, the 50w 101 reverb weighs 2 1/2 lbs. It does a great job but while you can get the tone close, I find it a little more lacking when shaping the higher end.
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 #165322  by pablomago
 Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:14 pm
"Grab and go" to me means I can pick it up with one hand, carry a guitar on my back in a gig bag and a small pedalboard with the other hand.

I'm familiar with Quilters. I'm glad you like them, but I didn't ask about them. I own a Dual Showman Reverb amp and a 2 x 12" cab with JBL K-120's. I have that covered. I asked about the DV Mark amps. I guess no one has any experience with them.

I'm interested in the GF II as it has an effects loop which the I does not. Guitar Center/Musician's Friend seem to be the only DV Mark dealer and they don't have the GF II as they still have a lot of I's to sell off.