#158723  by RLW
 Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:49 am
Hi ... annoying new guy here ... however, I would like to make the point that I did look around a bit before starting a Mesa Mark V topic, didn't see one. OK - Anyone get nice tones out this amp? I have a head with a 4x12 and whilst I'm not Jerry on the rig I have a few settings that I think are ok. I am playing an SG standard - middle pickup settings, fairly low volume from the guitar to keep it clean, tone on 10 however, on channel two I switch to the bridge pickup for a bit of dirt / extra twang, otherwise middle, which is both pickups. I have a Tom Lieber Wolf ready but I need to pick it up next time I'm in the US - much easier with shipping / customs - so I assume I will have to completely retool the settings, but I think as a base these are ok. Anyone, please, let me know if you have suggestions, etc.

Bloody attachment issues ... so I am going to list the settings - these are all " o'clocks " settings ... f

Generally speaking - mids are high, bass and treb are low - guitar pickup volumes are middle to low middle - EQ is mids boost and lower on lows, and lower, but less so on highs - so a skewed upside down V

Ch1 - clean, bold - gain 2pm, master noon, pres noon, treb 9pm, mid 3pm, bass 9pm
Ch2 - MRKI, normal, gain 9:30pm, master 11pm, pres noon, treb 9:30pm, mid 3pm, bass 9pm
Ch3 - MRK IIc+, bright, gain 9:45pm, master 11:45pm, pres noon, treb 9pm, mid 3pm, bass 9pm

EQ - skewed upside down V ... sort of ripped off the settings from the Trey video when he shows his rig
Output - 11pm - solo - 11:30

I run vari power, 10w in the house - it's loud enough but won't cause an issue with your ears and neighbours.

= = =

Anyway - please let me know your thoughts, insights. Personally, I know a Twin is likely better, but you get a lot of amp(s) in the Mesa and it's quite flexible (after spending a million hours tweaking it). Also, there are few people out there who make Twin mods pre-amp rack heads, then you can set up a McIntosh, JBLs, etc, etc ... and after a custom guitar you're into a Jerry rig for about 15-20K? Which is fine if you're in DSO and it's a business expense because you're on tour ... for the rest of us spare room warriors / Open Mic miracles ... even my set up is quite a bit more than anyone sane should spend. OK, enough verbosity ... comments please :)
 #158733  by GeneralGoldilocks
 Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:06 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum, I have owned two mesa boogies ( a mark III red stripe, and a lonestar). They are amazing amps and you can get a million tones out of them. The problem I had is that there are too many settings, imo. It took awhile to dial both in. I will admit, once they are dialed, they are some of the best sounding amps on the planet. I feel like your guitar is going to have a lot to do with your settings, so it is hard to say what settings are good for you and your sg, and those will probably change when you use a different guitar. Use your ears, and decide what's best. I do remember the treble control being super crucial to the sound, so it is important to dial that in first on the boogies i owned. It sounds different playing by yourself than it will cutting through a mix. it may sound to bright and not right in the bedroom, but in a band setting, it sounds great because you are not muddying up the mix and cutting through with those highs. just my two cents.
 #158735  by RLW
 Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:47 am
Thank you ... yes, agree - too many knobs. I spent ages setting up the amp to get the tone I wanted. I set up a loop - foot switch between my old deluxe reverb (still the best cleans really), and spend hours dialling in small changes on the various channels. I think clearly some type of Twin mod pre-amp through some rack amp is the best - but the Mesa is three amps in one with solo switch, etc - fx loop. You can do a lot of things with one amp and don't require 10 different pedals. I have it set up to play as close as possible to a Fender in CH1, dirty twingy in CH2, and then a nice full body with a bit of fuzz in CH3 - controlling the amount of distortion in any one channel via the volume knobs on the guitar. For now it's ok - will report back when I play the new guitar through it and at a venue. Still a massive rig to drag around ... will probably have it all on Reverb in 6 months chasing another tone dragon with aforementioned twin mod, etc etc ... :lol: Anyway, thanks for the shout back. Appreciate the advice. Cheers - R
 #158742  by GeneralGoldilocks
 Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:08 pm
yeah, i still have a deluxe reverb i use all the time, i recently bought a sarno sms with jerry mods from someone on this board. i love it, it's great. i like how it is so simple, even more simple than your standard deluxe reverb (no useless channel 1, reverb send and return tubes, etc.....). that 2nd channel on the boogie is so sick, though, it is it's own beast, and nothing can compare to it when it's on.
 #158752  by RLW
 Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:49 am
Yes - I read the SMS Classic w/ JG Mod through a Carvin Amp --- and quite frankly that sounds very nice, relatively cheap, and most importantly light(ish) weight option that you can rack mount and wheel around much easier. It's always hard to moderate the obsession - good clean fun though.