#158816  by RLW
 Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:38 am
2,300 concerts ... plus spent most of his life with an instrument in his hands. Have you watched the Long Strange Trip on Amazon? There are so many scenes where he's holding a guitar, or banjo, and just messing around. It's the obsessive practising, learning, and love for music that comes out.

Anyway - back on topic ... I love messing around with the gear because it's just what I do. If I played golf I would spunk money on the latest junk hoping to improve my 20 handicap. It's also the nerdy, geeky side of us obsessives who play the music, love the band, and all probably have a very similar ethos in life ... the Dead are a lifestyle and I enjoy fussing around with various kit. I have a Lieber Wolf, and he's building a Tiger for me as we speak, and an entire guitar collection that have nothing to do with the Dead, lol. I also love Phish and someday when I find the money I will commission a Languedoc. I already have a bloody Mesa, vintage tube screamers / Ross Compressor ... :lol:

I have a few amps, and based on this thread I've ordered a Carvin / SMS JG Mod ... over thanksgiving I'm driving down the Festus to meet the SSP guys and pick up a 3x12 he's just built for me. So yes, I'm flying to my hometown in Iowa from London, doing thanksgiving with my family, then driving three hours to pick up a speaker cabinet. My girlfriend is ever so impressed. :roll: I wrote on another thread in here about how she finds it hilarious that loads of middle aged men sit around and talk amps and watch one another's YouTube videos. I love it and whilst I am making an effort to play more and shop for kit less I still think it's great that there are others out there. I was commenting to musician friends in England the other day that a tradition I very much treasure in America is that we still have guys like SSP cranking out speaker cabinets, luthiers making astonishing guitars, garage operations developing / repairing speakers, amp mods, etc. I'm very proud of that part of America; it makes me feel good knowing that's out there.
 #158818  by Jrostrom
 Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:04 am
shadowboxer wrote:
Jrostrom wrote:Not sure if this is interesting at all or helpful but here is a clip of my SMS Classic>Carvin DCM200>Red Alnico Tone Tubby -- this is not a Jerry Rig obviously -- I am definitely pushing the preamp more than maybe Brad wants (3 oclock) and have the carvin on maybe 8 oclock.

Jrostrom is on to something, nice sound and playing. Love the Howard Roberts guitar.
Thx Shadowboxer!