#151234  by MattMan
 Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:56 am
As a followup to the comparison I posted a few days ago, here's a more systematic comparison using a consistent source.

There are 9 comparisons here, and each comparison uses the same 5 min wav guitar loop of Althea > Shakedown > China Cat > Touch.

The objective here is to compare 3 factors: Preamp (Twin vs. CTP JG), Amp (Tubes vs. MosValve vs. MC2100), Impedance matching (matched vs. upward vs. downward).

The guitar loop is a PRS S2 Custom 24, Super II Middle Pup (bridge coil), TPC-1 into a Boss RC-3 (16 bit WAV).
Speaker: 8 ohm JBL K120 in an isolation cabinet mic'd with an SM57.
Preamp: Fender Twin vs. SMS CTP JG.
Amp: Twin 6L6s vs. MosValve 962 vs. MC2100.
Impedance matching: 8 Ohm Speaker into 8 Ohm Tap (matched) vs. 8 Ohm Speaker into 16 Ohm Tap (upward) vs. 8 Ohm Speaker into 4 Ohm Tap (downward).

#1: Twin>6L6s https://soundcloud.com/mattman-366718336/twintubes

#2 Twin>MosValve https://soundcloud.com/mattman-366718336/twinmosvalve-1

#3 CTP>MosValve https://soundcloud.com/mattman-366718336/ctpmosvalve

#4 Twin>MC2100 matched https://soundcloud.com/mattman-36671833 ... 00-matched

#5 Twin> MC2100 upward https://soundcloud.com/mattman-36671833 ... 100-upward

#6 Twin>MC2100 downward (See my signature below)

#7 CTP>MC2100 matched (See my signature below)

#8 CTP>MC2100 upward (See my signature below)

#9 CTP>MC2100 downward (See my signature below)

Which one do you like? Why?
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 #151240  by hippieguy1954
 Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:19 pm
I should be a little more thorough. I've done all those comparisons as well as a few more. I'm sure others have too.

All the combinations sound great and I'd put the SMS as well a couple of other preamps right up there in the Twin range. Add the 2100 and you get that full hifi slightly grainy rich tone when the eq and everything else is correct.

I guess that's a little more comprehensive. Thanks for sharing!
 #151241  by Searing75
 Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:51 pm
Twin/2100/downward grabbed me the most. Very slight differences among the 3 2100 impedance matches! I have mine at matched right now, and like it better than upward. For now that is. I may try downward again soon. I flip flop on this. I must admit that for me, it may be psychological. Thanks for this mattman!
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 #164513  by MattMan
 Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:34 pm
Ok here's the clips from two years ago. Unfortunately I no longer have all the impedance comparisons. But I do have the following:

Here's the Twin + McIntosh MC2100 through a K120. Matched impedance (8 ohm to 8 ohm tap):

https://soundcloud.com/mattman-36671833 ... ed/s-sYLfs

Here's the Twin + MosValve:

https://soundcloud.com/mattman-36671833 ... -1/s-m9GG0

Man, my playing has sure improved over the past two years!

Anyway, the McIntosh clearly has more umph than the MosValve.

I need to redo this test now that I have a new mod to the Twin thanks to Waldo that adds a parallel cap to the output cap that I will engage just when using the MosValve to fatten up the tone.

Also for comparison is the Twin with the Fender output tube section:

https://soundcloud.com/mattman-36671833 ... es/s-lJbsO

Again, the McIntosh is the clear winner.

Finally, here's the CTP with the MosValve (man what a difference the Maestro mod makes!)--this is without the Maestro mod. Not bad at all, but the Maestro mod, and now with the new parallel cap I mentioned, the CTP with MosValve is super close to the Twin + McIntosh. I'll make new comparison clips when I can get some time to get back into my basement studio.

https://soundcloud.com/mattman-36671833 ... ve/s-nzXX5

Finally, here's the CTP Maestro through the MosValve (no output cap mod) from a recent audience recording show through one E120:

And here's the Twin through McIntosh and two E120s (recording has poor bitrate but the tone is still shining through):

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