#164022  by jester536
 Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:13 am
Playing Dead rehearsal...good to know you guys are somewhat human. I was beginning to think you just got together at gigs and everything sounded just exactly perfect/ :lol:
Actually just read through this entire post...lots of good info from way back.
I just had some troubles with my old Ultra and recently upgraded. Felt I didn't need the power of the III and the old II XL+ was at a great price. Then my old GCP started acting up and felt that the best backup would be an AX8. I'm in hog heaven. I was never very adept at programming the old Ultra from the front panel...USB connections for both of the new units and Edit software make tweaking things very easy.
I would have never gone this route if it weren't for all of Vic's help and am more happy with this choice than ever before. Hopefully this thread will stay alive for the new converts and us old folks that are forever trying to get things "just exactly perfect". Happy New Year to all.
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