#162511  by MattMan
 Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:05 pm
Little things that add up to the tone. Really so much fun to play with such clarity in tone! Thanks Waldo!

Jack-a-Roe, Althea
Coscia Guitars "Bella" > Twin 1973 SF (Maestro) > McIntosh MC2100 > JBL-E120 > Sennheiser MD421 > Soundboard

Then there's a different axe with the EMG pups that I wanted to check out with my rig: Mr. Charlie, T Jed, Brothers and Sisters, Tangled Up in Blue

MattMan Jerry Caster w/EMG Preamp > Twin 1973 SF (Maestro) > McIntosh MC2100 > JBL-E120 > Sennheiser MD421 > Soundboard

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 #162675  by tcsned
 Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:11 pm
I'm starting to used to not having an amp on stage. I'm really loving the versatility of the Kemper. This venue is an old church tuned music venue and has awesome acoustics. I'm still using flyingheelhook's profile of an SMS->MC50->K120. I wish I could've gotten the camera set back a ways, it's right up on the mains.

and now for something completely different - the reason I got the Kemper was because I missed having a Marshall. I'm digging this '74 JTM. Definitely not Jerry sound but it works for tunes like this . . . I think
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 #162919  by MattMan
 Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:02 pm
All of Set 2 from a pair of condenser mics: China > Rider, Ship of Fools, Playing > Drums > Space > Limbo > The Other One > Wharf Rat > Playing, Casey Jones, Wolfman's Brother, NFA > GDTRFB > Morning Dew

Coscia Guitars "Bella" > SMS CTP-JG (Maestro) > MC2100 > JBL K120 x 1 (8 ohm into 16 ohm tap).

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 #162995  by toddgardn
 Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:59 pm
Troy Post Wolf (w/ waldo buffer & obel) > SMS CTP (Maestro Mods) > Mosvalve mv-962 > JBL E120

I've played this particular rig for some time, but recently added the SMS CTP with Maestro Mods. It's significantly beefier and more touch sensitive than before with these mods. I'm not sure that it comes through in the video, but in your hands it's rather profound. Cheers to Mike Wald for doing these mods for me, I love this tone!
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 #162996  by waldo041
 Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:26 pm
:oops: :oops: :oops:

Sorry if i made you sound like another man and his tone, it probably makes the audience cringe! Just kidding around. But all kidding aside, very nice tight and adventurous group you have there! The Wickersham on Bass needs an Alembic!

Awesome stuff!

 #163179  by MattMan
 Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:03 pm
Coscia Guitars "Bella" > OBEL Effects [BYOC Octavider > Micro-Tron III > BYOC OD-1 > MXR+ Series 2000 > MXR Phase 100 > BYOC Phase Royal > Earth Drive + Crybaby Wah-wah by joe gagan > Boss DD-500] > Sarno Music Solutions CTP (Wald Maestro Mod) > MosValve 962 > JBL K-120 Spiral Reconing

Jam Excerpts from Halloween
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