#175214  by PaulReed69
What's the best value? Here are my thoughts. I'm in the market to get on for a project but really on the fence. I do already have a Jerry Stratocaster with a custom electrics (Dimarzio, OBEL, etc) but I would like to get a visual replica. I am really thinking about a Tiger replica

Phred’s- ($700-1300 range)look cool buts the build quality can be sub-par and same with electronic. Always an option to upgrade the electronic but then you add $500 and you are ballpark of an Eastwood and don’t know if you would get a return on investment

Eastwood’s - Wolf or Tiger - ($1300-$2000 range) sound like the build quality is much better on these then the Phred’s and electronics are ok but might need to upgrade the electronics.

Phiga - ($4k) heard inconsistent build quality but it appears that a lot of people are happy with their and I hear that the neck are pretty big (not a fan of big necks)

Resurrection, Alembic, etc = $7k and up out of my price range....

Thoughts? Am I missing something? $4k is about the top I can spend on a guitar? Are the Phiga better than I stated?
 #175216  by PaulReed69
Agreed but when everything is said and done you are probably In for around $2k with a bolt-on neck. I'm a huge fan of Warmoth's for Strat's and Tele....
 #175217  by Darkstar860
I own 4 Pherds and love them. For a reasonable sum, you can get one heck of a guitar from them. Def wouldnt say they are cheaply made. But thats my experience. But my main Wolf ive had for close to 10 years and its still my #1 Wolf. Only guitar that i like more is the Travis Bean. I own a LOT of nice guitars, def played worse guitars. I like that you can buy the basic version of the guitar from Phred and do your own upgrades. My main Wolf has parts made by 4 different friends i met over the years, so theres a long story to it. But i love love my Phreds.

If money is no object, yes there are better guitars. But for the price i like them.
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 #175218  by ssmug
I got a fully loaded/upgraded Phred Liger on Reverb for about $1300. It was a great guitar with zero issues. I only sold it because I got a Phiga Tiger that is also fantastic -- no issues, but that was $4000. I have pretty small hands and don't think the neck is big.

To be honest, other than not being a full replica, the Liger was every bit as good as the Phiga.
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 #175224  by Darkstar860
I almost bought a Phiga, but when i tried it out... i just didnt feel enough of a difference to buy it to replace my Phred Wolf. But thats just me. Tone and feel and everything else with a guitar is subjective, so what works for me, may not work for you etc. I def think its well worth getting a Phred.
 #175225  by Searing75
Phred necks are too thin/small imho. Phiga necks are chunky yes, but very comfortable. Similar to the PRS contour neck. I own a Phred wolph and a Phiga Bolt. I am looking to sell both.
 #175226  by Darkstar860
Ive noticed the NEW Phreds necks are thinner. My 10 year old one has a fat 50s LP neck on it. He has changed some of the guitars in recent years and i can say i dont like the newer ones like the older ones. But he still has some of the older Wolfs with the thicker necks and the different bridge design still left. Just ask him and he can hook ya up with one. But as i said the newer ones necks are def thinner. But none of the ones i own are thin necks.
 #175228  by Searing75
Well, my Wolph is from early 2013 and the neck is too thin for me.