#175219  by caspersvapors
Wondering if you can use a GE-7 or other EQ pedal to boost certain frequencies and give a Strat the same kind of qualities as engaging an onboard Alembic blaster/ strat-o-blaster.
Anyone experiment with this?
 #175221  by strumminsix
IMO buffers and blasters is 80% feel and 20% tone.

EQ can get in the tonal neighborhood. But not the feel.

There's something as a guitarist when you hear and feel note articulation and separation that let's you play differently and more relaxed. Buffers help with them.
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 #175222  by Chocol8
Yes and no. A blaster doesn't seem to boost any frequencies much. So, an EQ pedal with a good buffer placed really close to the guitar (very short cable run) will mostly do the job. The problem is even a 10 foot cable before the buffer will make a difference.

The other issue is the slight JFET distortion you can get from a pushed blaster is not going to be duplicated by an EQ pedal.

Personally, I prefer the buffer in the guitar, but not necessarily a blaster. There are better newer designs that don't pick up noise and just do their simple job better.