#175203  by Gr8fulCadi
There are some mods you can do to reduce the ticking. Also proper lead dress around the tube for the tremolo circuit is crucial. It actually fixed my noisy tremolo circuit in my Super Reverb I built. I literally moved one wire away from another and that was it.

Rob Robinette’s website is a wealth of information for tube amps and troubleshooting. It’s all in there!!

 #175204  by Chocol8
Yep! Rob has a section on the ticking issue. It is common in the SF amps and the BF's can have it as well, but it is a cheap and easy fix. Try the lead dress which works maybe half the time, but the roach bypass cap will generally solve it for good.
 #175206  by Chocol8
Here is a direct link to the ticking section. I don't know if it will work as his website has some issues.

https://robrobinette.com/AB763_Modifica ... lo_Ticking

Moving wires can be done with just a chopstick. Be careful with high voltages!!! Adding the .o1 cap across the roach requires a touch of soldering but it's cheap and it has never failed to work for me. I have not tried the shielded cable approach as I think the cap is easier and less invasive.
 #175207  by Darkstar860
Thank you for the link. I got chopsticks ! I just have to take the chassis out of the cab again. Gotta wait til a lil later for motivation to kick in haha. But hopefully this is something I can fix. I do 90% of the work on my amps, but sometimes ya run into a wall and its good to have a fresh set of eyes and ears check it out. Sadly here in CT there is only one person who does repairs that i know of and i wont go back to them due to past issues with said person. If theres anyone in the southern mass area or the north east area of CT who does repairs, let me know.

Im just glad the floor noise is solved. Get this ticking taken care of and i dont think theres anymore work tht needs to go into this. :-)
 #175209  by Chocol8
The tick is a super simple fix if you can solder at all. The roach is unmistakable on the board as it looks like nothing else, plus the layout is posted all over. Just add a .01 (or .02) capacitor across the two legs on the side closest to the power transformer (or furthest from the inputs). Test, put it back together, drink a beer, done!
 #175233  by Darkstar860
I just gotta post a quick update. This amp is incredible ! Nails Jerry tone all over the map. It does break up quicker than a Twin would thru 12in speakers. But theres so much headroom still that just use the volume pot on your guitar. Thanks again for all the help folks. This amp is saweeeet !
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