#174206  by Jon S.
I've been having problems with this forum's messaging system for some time now and it's ongoing now.

I'll send you a Conversation (PM) on The Gear Page and let's take it from there, thanks.
 #174208  by BoogieMK2
lbpesq wrote: Sat Feb 04, 2023 11:17 am …. What I’ve been trying to figure out (unsuccessfully) is if there is a way to use it as a preamp into a more powerful power amp? I’d love to run it into my Carvin Mach 100 Stereo power amp pedal, then into a couple of 1x12 cabs loaded with K120s.

Bill, tgo
Just use the Superblock line out to a bigger amp. Get an XLR to 1/4” if needed. Select FRFR for no speaker sim. You get all the SBUS tone shaping and reverb. The FX out gives you the tone stack and limiter, should drive a bigger amp.

My normal gigging amp is a Mesa Express 5:25+ with a Tone Tubby Winterland. Flexible, takes pedals, not too heavy and plenty loud. Occasionally I use the Mark IIA (60W) but only if the place is big enough. I
likely will us the Superblock next Saturday in this small bar, maybe line out with no speaker since we have IEMs. Too many choices.
 #174209  by lbpesq
Using the FX out will lose the reverb which comes after the FX loop in the signal path. If I wanted to run the XLR out straight into a power amp, would I need to do some impedance matching?

Bill, tgo
 #174210  by Darkstar860
Oh by the way i replaced the fan on my ART SLA-1 with a silent fan that moved even more air. I never even tried the unit with the stock fan. Id read people complain about the volume of the fan. Replacement fan was $14 on Amazon i think. But someone else mentioned their ART model wasnt that bad of fan noise, especially for live use. But that would be the one thing to change with the ART SLA-1.